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Lafayette Cemetary no. Leave it in the comment section! Get recipes, guides, and tips for elevating the everyday delivered straight to your inbox—Plus our exclusive monthly newsletter, "The Art of Slow Living"! There seems to be no end to your talents lady. I find myself in awe over and and over again, your pictures, your food, your words.

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Also, you are so beautiful! Never saw a picture of you before. And that top is just good. Lastly, much love for including magic shops in your guide. Yes — the jazz sandwich from Verti Mart! The way you write about it, makes me miss it too. All I can say is WOW! You leave me speechless. You are so very talented — I can only hope that one day. I feel like I have just read the best, most honest novel, complimented with the most stunning photographs.

You are so incredibly talented. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. I have this strange pull to go there. You give all of your stories life but this one has a very special soul. It captured me and brought the place to life in such a cool way.

Just WOW. You are so beautiful and talented. I really enjoy your writing and photos. This is utterly brilliant! These words and images spoke to me on more than one level. Thank you. Your words, your photos. You captured so perfectly the New Orleans I see and feel in my dreams.

My ghosts live there too, Lovely.

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Haunts: Trashy Diva on Magazine Luke: 50 cent oyster happy hour. Cafe beignet The Fly Night market I love to watch the giraffes peek their heads over the fence at Audubon park. Thanks for the awesome post…. Such beautiful photographs.

The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking

I have always dreamed of visiting New Orleans. It seems like such a mystical place. You have captured is beauty impeccably. I could usually do without live music. I like being able to focus on my food and the one I am with. Bravo Beth!

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  7. You are continually an inspiration. These images are stunning. I could look over them endlessly. Wow — what stunning photos. Your moody evocative photos, almost make that trip unnecessary. Thank you for sharing them. Love your pics, your writing and your style. Have always wanted to visit New Orleans. One day…. I reread your post again — this time for the actual content. Your soul spoke out so vividly.

    Yes, I could feel a darkness but I think you are getting out of it. Your talent is amazing. Not only with the photographs but also with your words. You are amazing. I have been to New Orleans once a life time ago. Now I want to go back, with your post as my guide. Also, your style is fantastic! Seriously such a handsome and completely fresh post…love it all. I just did a post regarding death, to me very much a necessity, in more ways than one. Brilliant photos, keeps me coming back for more xoxo. Thank you x. My breath is stuck in my throat after reading your words, so wrought with emotion and honesty.

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    Never have I read something so open, so haunting, so achingly true. This is a breathstoppingly beautiful post. Your photography, the story, and the way it is written are all stunning. Just beautiful Beth! Just wonderful photos of you we rarely see, so inspirational, yet reflective. Best wishes for many more birthdays! Thanks for your personal wander guide as well. Mostly thanks for making my move to TN early this year easier by having your amazing blog as a guide!

    Best wishes for continued success. Evocative writing, superb photos and a comprehensive link list? I die. Last time was on a cross-country trip 20 years ago… whoa. Every time I go, I love it more and you pinpointed these reasons beautifully. Like a jazz band ushering you into a new life, right?

    Beautifully written! You put into words what my heart felt while in New Orleans. My husband and I adored that restaurant. Next August will be the 40th anniversary of my freshman year at Sophie Newcomb.

    This took me back in such a great way. Thanks so much for the inspiration! These photos: the colors, the light, the mood. And that portrait of you truly took my breath away. Thank you, as always, not only for sharing a post but a story. Have never been to New Orleans but would love to see all of this with my own eyes okay, and to eat those beignets. Beautiful Beth, almost as good as going home. Except I always preferred the Mushroom Mountain to the Jazz.

    I particularly like the shot of the Clover Grill. Miss that place. Great photos Beth! Your prose is as haunting and enchanting as your images. I have visited New Orleans many times over the years as it always draws you back. The mystery, the history, and OH the food! A fave of mine is Napoleon House on Chartres.


    Great muffuletta and the Pimms Cups are divine.