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Eli "I love all types of animals, just not insects!

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Animals are just so cute. Most people don't like rats but I do! Anonymous "IN India there is a temple for rats. Has any investigation done on it? Your Comment:.

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Print Article View printer friendly version of Rat article. David W. Subscribe to A-Z Animals and enjoy our website without advertising! Subscribe Now. Kingdom : Five groups that classify all living things. Phylum : A group of animals within the animal kingdom. Class : A group of animals within a pylum. Order : A group of animals within a class.

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Family : A group of animals within an order. Genus : A group of animals within a family.

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Scientific Name : The name of the animal in science. Type : The animal group that the species belongs to. Diet : What kind of foods the animal eats.

Size : How long L or tall H the animal is. Weight : The measurement of how heavy the animal is.

Top Speed : The fastest recorded speed of the animal. You can keep your pet rat as healthy as possible by following the simple instructions below. Inspect daily for any signs of blockage or food obstructing the opening.

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Biological Facts Norway or brown rat Rattus norvegicus Originated in temperate regions of central Asia Wild rats are burrowing, colonial animals. Rats will breed year-round in captivity. Sexual maturity is reached by weeks.

Gestation is approximately 21 days. Young are raised communally with shared nursing responsibilities. Life-expectancy for rats is 2. Behavior Rats are social and should be kept in pairs or small groups. A single rat may become lonely and develop behavioral problems.

Animals mistaken for rats

Fighting rarely occurs among adults. Are most active at night, hence their suitability for people who work all day. They are gentile and will usually only bite when in pain or very fearful. Rats are easily startled and should be awakened before being picking up. Wash hands after touching carnivores to reduce the chances of getting bitten.

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Spend time with your rats. The more attention you give, the more bonded, active, healthy, and friendly your rat will be. Diet Rats are omnivorous and feed primarily at night.