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Leading value creation : organizational science, bioinspiration, and the cue see model

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Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Every business discipline has a unique vantage point on value creation and destruction, and while specialists have devised solutions, leaders rarely use them because of the inherent complexity in trying to understand which parts fit together to help them achieve goals. The result is a sort of business 'Tower of Babel' for practicing leaders and organizational scientists alike. Leading Value Creation fills this void as the first book to take organizational science and place it into one coherent and useful model.

Barney integrates vastly different areas of organizational science into his Cue See Model, which builds upon his experience developing global leaders at companies like Motorola, Merck, and Infosys. The model is a way to help leaders better create value and mitigate risk. It highlights the flow of value across four perspectives quality, cost, quantity, and cycle time, and also looks across levels of analysis for a holistic view on the bottlenecks to value creation as the best focal point for organizations to succeed. Barney provides numerous practical examples from pharmaceuticals to barbershops, and summarizes six empirical studies demonstrating the model's usefulness. Passar bra ihop. Recensioner i media. Bloggat om Leading Value Creation.