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There are plenty of fun things you could do without spending a cent.

Simply pack a tasty homemade lunch or dinner, a thermos of tea or a bottle of wine, and head out with the following ideas:. To cut down on your grocery bill consider the following tips:. You can save a lot of money and avoid harmful chemicals simply by making your own cleaning products. It is ridiculously easy to do, and the products clean, deodorise and kill germs effectively! Your best bet is to only visit the shops when you have to do a grocery shop, or when necessity means you have to buy something. Often you will find the burning desire you felt for the item has gone in 30 days.

It is possible to save and have a great life at the same time. With some creativity and a willingness to embrace a few new habits you can live more for less money! Studying a course with Open Colleges can give you the skills and knowledge you need to take the next step in your career. We went without diapers.

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After my second baby was born, I was so upset about leaving him to go back to work. Leaving my first was hard enough, doing it again was just too much.

My husband encouraged me to make the jump and leave my job as a nurse. We were transitioning from a two income home to one income and were barely making it. After bills were paid, I had to choose between food and diapers. So we just didn't buy diapers. I let both my baby and toddler run around without diaper or pants for a few months at home except to sleep. I just had to be ready with floor cleaner and a towel most the day. We rented a room from a stranger and put our whole family in it.

My partner is extremely frugal and he will do anything to save money. To save money for our new house, he went on Craigslist and found a person renting a room! We did it for one year, and although we saved a lot of money, it was the worst time of my life. The room was an en-suite which was okay as it was big enough, but baby needs room. It was insane but we pulled through.

How to Live a Luxurious Life While Still Saving

Taking toilet paper from work. I was taking it out and bringing home for years. Never had to buy toilet paper, but also never had one new full roll in my house. Getting the most out of your job, and more! Hope none of you are ever that hard up. Oh, and I'd scavenge the napkins and sugar packets that the reporters left behind. The sugar went into a jar in my very, very small pantry.

It made my every Thursday dinner of cornmeal mush more palatable. The rest of the time we lived mostly on soup made from Great Northern beans and neck bones, and on meatless spaghetti, oatmeal, eggs, and whatever fruits and vegetables were cheapest from the street vendors. I'd also clip the weekly GNC coupon for 9-cent yogurt to send, along with a banana, for the baby's lunch at day care. Fortunately a neighborhood drugstore had double coupons every Wednesday; when coupons for things like toothpaste or shampoo were in the paper I'd get several of each I worked at a newspaper!

Sometimes I'd go to a nearby delicatessen that sold whole and cut-up chicken and buy ONE leg quarter. Which, of course, I'd cook, break into pieces and feed to the baby. Then I'd suck the bones clean and eat more bean soup. I didn't have a lot. An emergency fund. Every week I had the workplace credit union siphon off a bit of my paycheck. I knew that if anything went wrong — the baby got sick and needed a prescription, or my shoes finally gave way — then it was on me to cover it. So I saved. Saving money on toys. With an active toddler in the house we were constantly looking for creative ways to entertain our busy son.

Because we couldn't afford new toys, I'd always purchase his toys second hand at garage sales and consignment shops. Basically, this meant we were paying zero for kids toys and clothes since we were reselling most of our purchases.

How to Save Money Fast

We have tried so many ways to save money. Here are some of the more embarrassing ways. So now I'm just waiting for my hair to grow before I try and make it even myself. I didn't realize it wouldn't fit in our washer, so I had to wash it in the bathtub. It made a huge mess, and it was extremely heavy once it soaked up the water! Next time, I'll splurge and go to a laundromat! I didn't have any shoes to match, so I took old flip flops and added beads from an old necklace.

I thought they looked okay until I arrived at church. They were obviously homemade— and worse, they looked like a child made them! Get rid of your cell phone completely. It felt like I was back in the 90's when cell phones were too expensive for everyone to have one. It saved me a ton of money and allowed me to get things in order.

Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs

This was like 10 years ago but it really worked. I take freezing cold showers.

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Not only do I save money since I'm not using hot water, I also take much faster showers, reducing the time I'm in the shower, and reducing my overall water usage. It is also a great way to wake me up in the morning! I turn the heat off. Grabbing and gifting hand-me-downs. He loved it.

She was shocked to learn I got it on the curb for free-ninety-free. Merry Christmas, buddy! I got rid of my car. DIYing isn't always cheaper.

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  7. Why waste money when I can make it cheaper. So I bought tools, lumber, and everything. After two hours I realized I could not do it and quit. Does anyone want to buy some lumber? Instead of AC, I would sleep with ice packs in bed. It kept us cool and our electric bill manageable during the summer months. We even had debates as to whether the heat in the winter should be 66, 67, or 68 F. We also didn't purchase paper towels because of how expensive that would be for so many people. Save money at the movies. Then, I would buy the large refillable popcorn, then I would go to the candy station and grab small plastic bags to divided the popcorn and everyone had their own.

    We played into the low income assumption. The contractor we hired for the job assumed we were a lower income family because we're in our 20's with two little kids living in a small year-old house. He came right out and said because he knew we were low income and money was tight, he would give us a nice discount.

    Saving for Millennials - 5 Tips to save money and still have a life!

    We played right into his assumption and saved a ton of money even though we're close to a 6-figure dual income household!! It sure was nice of him to assume differently though! I collect other people's bottle waste. It is not that much but it makes you humble and patient to earn a little bit extra. The biggest impact though is that you help the environment from preventing plastic bottles ending in a trash can or even worse when they get to bodies of water. I got rid of my car, my cell phone, and moved in with my stepdad.

    I'm an online college student, as well as a blogger, so I don't leave the house to go to a regular job. If I need to use a car to go somewhere, my step dad lets me use his. And considering I never went anywhere, it seemed like a wasteful payment to have. So when my lease was due to be returned, I just returned it and never got another car. When you don't have a cell phone, it's really no big deal. I used Google Voice as my main number and called back people on the landline.

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    I lasted for over two years before I got another cell phone. And even now, I mostly use it for texting and Pinterest. And as for living with my stepdad, it's just a lot cheaper and it also helps him out. I put gas in his car, do all the errands, help him with bills, etc.