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When the pulses with the same label from Clock A and B overlap at a chosen reference plane, the system is synchronized as the clocks are ticking at the same rate and read the same time. The longest distance is achieved by a double pass between two flat mirrors. We borrow from the microwave community and send our signals both directions.

Femtosecond-Scale Time Resolved Measurements of Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions

By taking the difference of the arrival time of the pulses at site A and site B, we cancel out all the fluctuations in arrival time due to turbulence and the slow sway of the building. The occasional interruption of the laser link requires an approach which measures the time difference between the clocks rather than the more conventional method for optical clocks of monitoring the clocks' frequency difference.

The researchers had to add a second frequency comb called a transfer comb to site A, to be able to detect the timing information. This transfer comb is connected to the same optical cavity as the Clock A comb but ticks at a slightly different rate.

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The overlap between the transfer comb pulses and the Clock A and B comb pulses provides a measurement of the underlying pulse arrival times. In repeated trials, the scientists found that the clocks' synchronized timescales deviated by only 1 fs over periods as long as minutes, and by no more than 40 fs over two days. Remarkably, the pulse trains can be detected when each pulse contains as few as 80 photons. In related work in the most recent issue of Optica , the same researchers have demonstrated that the remote clock can be based on a much more compact and robust quartz oscillator, rather than an optical cavity, which should greatly improve the size, weight, power, and robustness of the remote clock.

In both experiments, the clocks were in fixed locations.

Rethinking the Interferometer for Femtosecond Lasers

We are excited about overcoming this challenge to support a broader range of real world applications. Derevianko and M. Pospelov, 10 Nature Physics for an example of a proposal to use clocks to search for dark matter.

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The signals that each clock sent to the other were bounced off a 53 cm mirror on the nearby foothills. The more round-trips the reflected light took before returning, the longer the effective distance between the clocks.

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